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PAst meetings

  SODIT 2017
In the regular venue of Saunton Sands, the weather once again was glorious for SODIT 2017 on 15th & 16th June.
Following the success of Torbay, Steve Harris and Taunton & Somerset Hospital organised an excellent academic meeting with Mervyn Singer & Ron Daniels both taking to the stage, great talks from Hugh Montgomery & Zudin Puthucheary and an excellent talk on sleep from Justin Pepperell. Like the previous year, the SODIT dinner was followed by live music with all attendees in Hawaiian dress!

Many congratulations to all the trainees who presented 

  SODIT 2016
In the beautiful setting of Saunton Sands SODIT 2016 took place on 9th & 10th June.
This being the 20th anniversary of the first SODIT meeting, an extra special event was superbly organised by Richard Eve & Torbay Hospital culminating in a black tie dinner with entertainment from the band 'Men Behaving Badly'.
academic highlights were Martin Walker's powerful insight into being a patient, Chris Bordeaux on behavioral change and Steve Brett looking at long term outcomes.
Many congratulations to all the trainees and to the bursary winners who presented their work.

  SODIT 2015

SODIT 2015 was once again held at our now familiar base of the Saunton Sands Hotel, on 11th & 12th June 2015.
With a large delegation and great weather, the meeting organised by Plymouth boasted some fantastic national and local speakers.
Many of the talks are available by clicking on the Past Meeting Programme tab. Particular highlights being the talks from Duncan Wyncoll and Hugh Montgomery.

Congratulations go to all the trainees who took part and presented their work.

  SODIT 2014

The joint SODIT and SICOWE (Society of Intensive Care of the West of England) 2014 meeting was held on 19th & 20thJune 2014 at the Saunton Sands Hotel, Saunton, North Devon.

For the second time in history the two regional intensive care societies collaborated to put on a very special academic meeting under blue skies and sunshine 
overlooking 3 miles of beautiful beach. With fantastic speakers from the region and nationally, an informative and educational meeting was enjoyed by over 150 delegates.

Many of the lectures are available to download by clicking on the Past Meetings Programme tab and then clicking on the title of the talk. Further photos will soon be available on line.
The #SODIT twitter feed can be seen here.

An integral part of the meeting was the chance for our trainees to present some novel work that they had carried out over the past year. Everyone was highly impressed by the standard of presentations with two first prizes being awarded to Matthew Kerton (Taunton) & Fran Millinchamp (Bath). Well done to all the other contributors: Nick Ledlie, Inthu Kangesan, Judith Dickson, Tom Clark, Peter Allen, Laura Bond, Mike Newman & Nikki Freeman.

  SODIT 2013

SODIT 2013 was held on 13th & 14th June 2013 at the Headland Hotel, Newquay Cornwall.

This spectacular setting didn't disappoint and the meeting was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Once again SODIT managed to attract some truly international speakers providing an exciting programme. The full programme can be seen here and many of the talks are available by clicking on the title. Some meeting photos can be seen here.

Day 1 kicked off with a demonstration of the in situ simulation run from Royal Cornwall Hospital, followed by Dr Graham Nimmo from Edinburgh applying the background and roles of simulation in clinical decision making.
Then came the first key note speaker, Professor Mervyn Singer, UCL who took us on a historical tour through Intensive Care over the last 200 years. As ever he was fascinating, insightful and thoroughly entertaining.

Dr Matt Thomas from the BRI gave the ICU perspective and Dr Robin van Lingen the cardiologists angle on out of hospital cardiac arrests and PCI.

This was followed up by Professor Kathy Rowan's ICNARC predictions for 2035 which gave some truly frightening possibilities.

The trainee presentations were next with 7 high quality talks. This year the judging panel were unanimous & first prize was awarded to Ashleigh Williams (RD&E), many congratulations.

Day 1 finished with a well fought debate between Sir Terence English and Colin Ferguson over the place of assisted dying in the NHS. Many questions were raised from the floor and the discussions could have gone on for hours had it not been for a 'Dimbleby-esque' performance by Ray Sinclair in the chair.

Day 2 started with great talks from Bryson Pottinger (RCH) and Gill Wray (Bart's) giving the haematologists and intensivists views of haematology patients in critical care. They were reassuringly similar.

Zudin Puthucheary (UCL/KCL) then took us through his novel research into muscle wasting in critical illness and Matt Thomas (BRI) his muscle stimulation project including a live demonstration on Mike Spivey.

Finally there was a very useful update on anti-microbial resistance from Sima Jog which dove-tailed well with Will English's talk on antibiotic stewardship

Well done to Thys de Beer and Mike Spivey for organising the biggest SODIT yet with over 100 people.

  SODIT 2012
21-22 June, Saunton Sands, North Devon

Many thanks to Julia Munn and RD&E for organising a fantastic meeting.

Excellent talks from Dr Simon Finney (Royal Brompton), Dr Julia Wendon (King's), Dr Rupert Pearse (Royal London) and Dr Martin Hughes (Glasgow Royal Infirmary) brought some metropolitan knowledge to the West Country, in addition to a host of local speakers.

Congratulations go to Louise Cossey for winning the trainee presentation.
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