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Previous meeting programmes
Please find below the programme for previous SODIT meetings.

SODIT 2018

SODIT 2017
SODIT 2016

SODIT 2015

SODIT 2014

SODIT 2013

Many of the speaker's presentations can be accessed by clicking on the title of the talks.


Thursday 7th June

09.30-11.00 Session 1
Welcome by the President of SODIT  Dr Martyn West
Ventilation user guide to APRV Dr Luigi Camporota NCEPOD - Inspiring Change Dr Mark Juniper

11.30-13.00 Session 2 Maternal Critical Care Dr Darryl Thorpe-Jones Liaison Psychiatry Dr Nicola Taylor Management of pain in ICU Dr Dave Beard

14.00-15.30 Session 3 Trainee presentations

16.00-17.45 Session 4 Fixing the broken lights Dr Segun Olusanya Patients perspective Dr Paul Hersch SODIT Debate Drs Martyn West & Colin Ferguson "The GMC acted correctly in seeking to have Dr Bawa Gaba struck off the medical register"

Friday 8th June

09.00-10.30 Session 5 Update in toxicology Dr Rupert Evans Microbiology Matters Dr Tom Lewis Top 10 papers 2017 Dr Charlie Gibson ECHO in the ICU Dr Tom Clarke

11.00-12.30 Session 6 Regional ventilation Dr Luigi Camporota Update on VV & VA ECMO Dr Simon Davies

13.00-15.00 Session 7 Paediatric airways Dr Anthony Bradley Humpty Dumpty - when children fall Dr Michelle Chopra FOAMed Dr Gorki Sacher Update on organ donation Mrs Sharon Henry


09.50:  The Role of Massage in Sepsis Prof Mervyn Singer, University College Hospital, London

10.30:  Lactate is Not The Only Fruit Dr Colin Ferguson, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

11.40: Advances in Neutropaenic Sepsis Dr Jo Botten, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

12.20: Clinicians & Policy: the importance of a multi-agency approach Dr Ron Daniels, CEO Sepsis Trust UK

13.50: SODIT Bursary

14.00:  Trainees Presentations

16.00: PIMS - It's not just for summer! Dr Reston Smith & Dominique Duma, North Bristol NHS Trust

16.30: Why do Rehab & Nutritional Trials Fail? Dr Zudin Puthucheary, Royal Brompton Hospital, London

17.00: Multi-modal Prognostication in Cardiac Arrest Survivors Dr Will English, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro

17.30: This House believes that:
All neurologically damaged patients should be admitted to ICU for 72hours
Pro: Dr Alex Manara, North Bristol NHS Trust
Con: Dr Colin Ferguson, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust


09.00  After Ferreira & Montgomery, what next? Foot Anstey Solicitors

11.00: Beyond Sleep Apnoea Dr Justin Pepperell, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

11.30: Celebrating Celery Dr Stu Collins, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

12.00: Sleep Disruption in the ICU Dr Hugh Montgomery, University College London

13.30 Commissioning in the Brave New World Dr Nick Kennedy, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

14.00: Acute Care Provision in South West England Dr Patricia Oakley, King's College, London

Thursday 9th June 2016

1030 – 1200  Session 1  Chair: Richard Eve

1030 ECCO2 removal – madness or mainstream? Simon Finney

1100 Sepsis Redefined Mike Spivey
1130 Neuro Jessie Welbourne
1200 Paeds Will Marriage

1330 – 1500  Session 2 – Trainee Presentations Chair: Tom Clarke

1530 – 1700  Session 3  Chair: TBC

1530 Nudging people Chris Bourdeaux
1600 Emergency Care and Treatment Planning Mick Mercer
1630 Acute Liver Failure Rob Loveridge

1715 – 1800  Session 4 – Pro con debate Chair: TBC

1715 SODIT Bursary 

1720 SODIT Debate – Advanced age is no longer a barrier to Intensive Care admission. Colin Ferguson  

Friday 10th June 2016

0930 – 1100  Session 1 – Patient Experience Chair: TBC

0930 Through The Looking Glass Martin Walker

1000 Post Critical Care Rehabilitation  James Bruce and Nell Clotworthy
1030 Long term outcomes Stephen Brett

1130 – 1300  Session 2 – Broken Hearts and Bodies Chair: TBC

1130 Supporting the failing heart - Drugs Rebecca Appelboam
1200 Supporting the failing heart - Devices Andrew Ludman
1230 Trauma Colin Bigham

1400 – 1530 Session 3 – Getting Better Chair: TBC

1400 International health partnerships Austin Hunt
A copy of the programme for SODIT 2015 can be downloaded here

Thursday 11th June 2015

0930 – 1025  Coffee and Registration
1025 – 1030  Welcome SODIT President       Will Woodward

Session I - Year in Review

1030 Sepsis       Richard Eve           
1100 Trauma       Colin Bigham 
1130 Circulation   Matt Thomas

SessionII - Plenary session

1200 What Extreme Physiology Can Tell Us About Critical Illness
   Hugh Montgomery

Session III - Trainee Presentations

1330 Shortlisted Presentations

Session IV - Emerging Problems in ICU

1530 Biomarkers Duncan Wyncoll
1600 Obesity Hypoventilation Phil Hughes
1630 Acute Stroke Management Martin James

Session V - Pro con debate

1715 SODIT Bursary Neil Roberts

1720 SODIT Debate – Pre-hospital critical care is an appropriate use of resource
Matt Thomas – Pro
Colin Ferguson – Con

Friday 12th June 2015

Session VI - Sepsis

0930 Paediatric Sepsis Mary Montgomery
1000 New microbiological techniques in bacteraemia Jim Greig
1030 Lessons from Ebola Stuart Dickson

Session VII - The long stay patient in ICU

1130 Preventing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Duncan Wyncoll
1200 Wasting on ICU Hugh Montgomery
1230 Implementing early rehabilitation in ICU David McWilliams

Session VIII

1400 FOAM – Free and Open Access Medicine Adrian Wong
1430 Safety Incidents Pete Macnaughton
Implementing citrate filtration      Sam Waddy 
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Thursday 19th June 2014

Session I  A year in Review

10.30  Sepsis
Dr Andy Padkin, Consultant Intensivist, Royal United Hospital, Bath

10.55  Ventilation
Dr Peter MacNaughton, Consultant Intensivist, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

11.20  Cardiology
Dr John Dean, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Devon & Exeter, Exeter

12.00 Failure to Wean Dr Nick Hart, Consultant Intensivist, Lane Fox Unit, St Thomas’ Hospital, London

Session II  SODIT/SICOWE Trainee Presentations

13.30  Trainee presentations

16.15  SODIT Bursary 2013 Ms Sian Goddard, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro

Dr Sean Edwards, ST Anaesthesia & ICM, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter

Session III

16.45  Plenary Session
Dr Kevin Fong, BBC Presenter & Hon Senior Lecturer & Consultant Intensivist, UCL, London

Friday 20th June 2014

Session IV  Fire & Ice

09.15  Cooling Dr Jerry Nolan, Consultant Intensivist, Royal United Hospital, Bath

09.40  Drowning Dr Paddy Morgan, SpR Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

10.05 Fire on the ICU Dr Fiona Kelly, Consultant Intensivist, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Session V  Safety

11.15  Safety Matters Dr Sanjoy Shah, Consultant Intensivist, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol 

11.40  Arterial Line Safety Margi Jenkins, Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol

12.00  Investigative Thinking Captain Guy Hirst, British Airways Captain (Retired), Human Factors Expert

Session VI  Future of ICM in the South West

13.45 Update on ICM networks Dr Tim Gould, Consultant Intensivist, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol

14.10 ACCP Developments Dr Sam Waddy, Consultant Intensivist, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Ms Carole Boulanger, Consultant Nurse, Royal Devon &Exeter, Exeter
14.35 Out of the GMC closet Dr David Snow, Consultant Intensivist, Torbay Hospital, Torquay

Session VII Debate

15.00  'This house believes that everything possible should be done during end-of-life care to improve organ donation rates'
Pro Dr Alex Manara, Consultant Intensivist, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol
Con Dr Jeremy Bewley, Consultant Intensivist, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol


To view the speakers presentations please click on the title of the talk

    Educational Programme Thursday June 13

09.10               Welcome

Session I:       Simulation and Critical Care

09.15               Live Sim Telecast

                        Dr Julian Berry, Consultant Intensivist, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

09.45               The Role of Simulation in Healthcare

                        Dr Graham Nimmo, Consultant Intensivist, Western General HospitalEdinburgh

    Session II:         Keynote Speaker

10.30               2014 - An ICU Odyssey

Prof Mervyn Singer, UCLLondon

11.30               Coffee

Session III:     Cardiology    

            11.45               The PCI Patient on the ICU

                        Dr Matt Thomas, Consultant Intensivist, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

12.15               The Cardiologists Perspective

                        Dr Robin van Lingen, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust             

12.45               Lunch

Session IV:     Keynote Speaker                 

13.45               ICU Research in 2013

                        Prof Kathy Rowan, Director ICNARC

                Session V:      SODIT Trainee Presentations                 Critical Care Nursing Innovation

14.45                Trainee Free Paper Presentations                 Evaluating Innovation
                                                                                                   Prof Ruth Endacott, University of Plymouth

                                                                                                   Sian Goddard, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

                                                                                                             Nursing Roles in Critical care
                                                                                                   Carol Boulanger, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust

                                                                                                             Simulation in Nurse Education
                                                                                                   Steve Harris, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

                                                                                                        Q&A Session with the Panel

15.55                Coffee

Session VI:      SODIT Debate

16.15                 Assisted dying has a place in the NHS

                          Sir Terence English (Pro) & Dr Colin Ferguson (Con)



Educational Programme      Friday June 14th 

Session VII:    Haematology Patients in Critical Care

09.30               The Haematologist

                        Dr Bryson Pottinger, Consultant Haematologist, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

09.55               The Intensivist

Dr Gill Wray, Consultant Intensivist, Barts & the London

Session VIII:   Muscle Weakness

10.20               Muscles – Bed to Bench, The Only Way

            Dr Zudin Puthucheary, NIHR Research Fellow in Critical Care, UCL/KCL

    10.45               Muscle Training

                        Dr Matt Thomas, Consultant Intensivist, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

11.10               Coffee

Session IX:    Infection on ICU       

11.30               Update on Infection

                        Dr Sima Jog, Consultant Microbiologist, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

11.55               Multi resistance

                        Dr Will English, Consultant Intensivist, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

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